The birth of ISM, Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, Inc. actually started in 1963 when Jim Rutkowski, Sr. started Industrial Sales Company providing manufacturer’s representative services. Jim Sr. sold a variety of products to manufacturing firms throughout northwest Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and western New York. His interaction with customers uncovered an opportunity to fill a need for drilling services for one of his customers. The opportunity lead to the purchase of a drill press and Industrial Sales and Manufacturing was born. Like many companies ISM got its start in the family garage which was not much bigger than Jim’s current office. That was nearly 50 years ago. Today ISM stretches over three facilities with a total floor plan encompassing over 125,000 square feet. Over 160 employees provide Machining, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing and Finishing services for some 750 customers.

ISM remains a family owned and operated business. Jim’s sons, Jim Jr. and Charlie and daughter Ann now handle daily operations under dads’ watchful eye. Over the years the company has grown into a multi-million dollar corporation. High-tech, state of the art machines such as 3D Laser Cutters, CNC Flexible Machining Systems, Plasma Burners and Robotic Welders have joined the old #1 drill press to provide a full range of services for customers. ISM parts can now be found in products around the world in everything from locomotives to windmills.

The company got its start by providing drilling services for a customer that needed a better solution. ISM grew by continually adding capabilities and a commitment to excellence in everything they do for some of the world’s most demanding companies. Through all the changes, one thing remains the same; a commitment to high quality work and the success of their customers.

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