We would like to welcome Wabtec to Erie.  It is with much gratitude that we thank Wabtec for their recent purchase of GE Transportation.  It is truly heartwarming to have this 110 year old company back in the hands of another Pennsylvania company.

The combination of Wabtec and GE Transportation will create another Fortune 500 company in PA that we can all be proud of.

Many thanks to Mr. Albert Neupaver, Ray Betler and the Wabtec Board for their foresight in building such a power house with the existing GE Transportation team headed by Rafael Santana and Greg Sbrocco.

In our estimation, this will be a strong competitive force for many years to come.  The combined company will bring much value and strength to market place.

As a citizens of Erie, we’ve always been proud of the part our community has played in the growth of GE Transportation.

We would be remiss in not as well thanking General Electric Company for 110 years of support to the Erie Community.  There have been many great leaders that have come thru Erie such as Carl Schlemmer, Bob Nardelli, David Calhoun, John Rice, John Dineen, John Krenicki, Lorenzo Simonelli, Russell Stokes and Jamie Miller.

All have left indelible marks on creating such a great asset that our community should truly be proud of.

The canvas that they provided for the many folks in our community is one that we should be quite proud of.  Here is hoping that we can continue to provide work to that canvas for another 100 years.

~ The Rutkowski Family